Tuesday, March 14, 2006


可能双鱼的人就是充满了期望和遐想. 希望有一天你曾经的最爱会再和你重修旧好,不过我可以跟你说,


喜怒哀乐- 4 types of human expression

Life of a person begun with joy and happiness, the time u were born, your parents and relatives were celebrating it.
During the process growing up, u start to make something that makes your parents angry, I don’t know why but it’s happened.
Then when u became adult and u start to feel sorrow, the person u love or somebody close leaves u.
Sooner u will develop a family and getting children, there u will feel joy and laughter.
Sometimes life just another ecosystem in the universe, maybe it doesn’t happened to be like what I mentioned but eventually it does apply on most of the people on earth.

Forget those sad memories, look forward to a brighter future.