Friday, February 10, 2006

Lonely Valentine's Day ...

The V day gettin near and near, lots of people busy planning for the nite, only those without their another half still wondering around the internet... guess i'm one of them, most likely i will use last year technique to spend the nite as well "S.L.E.E.P "

The arrival of this day also hints myself i should gettin a gf, or probally a wife..but life not that easy as we tought ...hmmm should i? who knows :Þ

i like this phrase "我爱的人,爱我的人", the person u like and the person likes u, i hope one day the person i like will likes me as well.. i hope..

to the person i like, i wish u a wonderful Valentine's day, I hope i can spend the wonderful nite with u :D

and to those single people around the world, you're not alone, coz there's bunch of single people out there :D
afterall Valentine's day just another business making day.