Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yeah.... Finally...

weeee.... finally decided going back to malaysia 31th May...kinda sad to leave here... but no choice alot of task ahead wattitng for me at MY....
first thing to do at malaysia is to take a rest and go sing K !!
who want to join ?? :D

Stock take again .. ..

the most painful task in retail line is Anual stock take.. before and after... before that u need to prepare training to user and staff then when come to dat day need to go warehouse to perform stock count. here comes the painful part, data entry and checking ,omg my eyes bleeding coz of this.. :(
thank god indonesia here no need me to check i just assist them muahaha

Friday, May 20, 2005

life in Jakarta....

My 2nd trip to Jakarta... sleepy though, spend the whole nite gaming b4 boarding the plane. 2 hours flight to arrive at sukarno hatta. sometimes i do like jakarta coz maybe the easy go life style, u got driver, u got good accomodation ...somemore u spend like a billionaire.. omg .. 1 McD set for Rupp25000 , i got my self 2mil rupp to spend here.. muahaha short term millionaire. wait till i go jalan jalan cafe coz i plan to go there, but no time on my previous trip.. my friend told me the Cafe and Bristro here damm nice... hmm ..gogogo..

Monday, May 02, 2005

what this blog all about ??

so boring recently, others than work still work... ghey.. working like a routine in my life, no work means no life. i wonder one day my boss fired me and i lost my job,how would it be...